Early Stages of the Cold War


Cold war part one, until the Yalta Conference.

German surrender and 1945.


The Start of the Cold War


Early stages 46 - 49 (the time-line).

Truman doctrine.

Marshall Plan.

The division of Germany.

Four Questions 1949.

American Foreign Policy 1949 - 54.


Eastern Europe and the Stalinization.


Hungary 1919 - 1956. (.pdf 3,1 MB)


Cuban Missile Crisis


The end of the fifties and the very beginning of the sixties.

Documents on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

An exercise on these documents plus an exercise on comparing two related conflicts (Berlin Wall and Cuban Missile Crisis).


Vietnam War


Out of these documents I have picked a few, some of these you got on paper last time.

My notes on "The World arround 1960" - mostly on the Sino-Soviet split.



My notes on the end of the Dentente. (from Bell, Philip The world since 1945).


The End of the Cold War.

Discussion, the questions your got.

My notes on the end of the Cold war (from Bell, Philip The world since 1945).




Mao Study Guide.

China 1850 - 1949.

Chronology Mao's life and the most important events.

Questions to Mao.

Great Link to fabulous summaries on Chinese history, click on China and pick area of interest.



Use the revision-notes.co.uk to check last minute knowledge.

Plan of the Revision.

Form to use to summarize the Dictators. (.doc)

Form to use to compare and contrast the dictators. (.doc)

Study guide to the dictators.

Form to use to summarize the Cold War. (.doc)

Link to a good summary of the dictators, thanks Måns!